My dearest chain clanking misers:

Happy Holidays! I am writing to you from the sub-Arctic region of Chicago, Illinois, where it is currently TEN FUCKING DEGREES. My poor defenseless California body is not handling it. I tried to go for a walk when it was a mere TWENTY DEGREES and made it about 5 minutes before I came right the hell back to the house, where I belong. In a wearable blanket and orthopedic slippers.

About two weeks ago I started streaming my Christmas movies, and I stumbled upon FX’s “A Christmas Carol” from 2019. It was so good – so creepy and atmospheric – that I actually went and read the original Dickens book. Which, despite its kind of maudlin reputation is ALSO CREEPY AND ATMOSPHERIC. I set out to write you guys a newsletter all about Scrooge and I ended up with a 2500 word dissertation about Victorian ghosts, social reform, and poop on the sidewalk.

Obviously that had to go up on the site, no one wants to read a newsletter that long. So please go read it here! If you also love Christmas ghosts, there are some great links to dig into there.

Also, if you are traveling and need some casual cemetery listening, I was interviewed for Storied San Francisco! I talked about the old cemeteries of San Francisco – where they went, IF THEY WENT, what they left behind. This is my first interview as San Francisco’s Ghostess with the Mostest, and I loved it.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Illustration of gnarled hands stacking coins by Arthur Rackham, 1915.