My dearest little green men:

Happy August! I hope you have been surviving our Season of Apocalypse, aka the hottest summer on record. Climate Change is here, and she’s pissed! Of course, by “here,” I don’t mean HERE, lol. No heat dome, just the crabbiest clouds and mist. The doom loop is bullshit, unless we’re talking about the weather.

Today I want to take you for a walk on the wild side of the news cycle, by creating the weirdest possible mash-up of news events: Oppenheimer and Aliens. This is actually the second or third weirdest combo – initially I wanted to write a dissertation on Barbenheimer and how it’s the most American possible mashup, but that wasn’t creepy enough. Then I went down a mental rat hole about the occultic overtones of the Oppenheimer story (I AM BECOME DEATH, DESTROYER OF WORLDS, ANYONE????) but that was way out on a limb with a saw. Like, too weird even for THIS newsletter. BUT ALIENS???? THE GOLDEN RATIO.

You’ve all seen the hype around the movie Oppenheimer, and you probably know the basic history that it covers. J. Robert Oppenheimer was an American physicist in charge of the Manhattan Project, the top secret program to build a nuclear bomb. The bomb was developed in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and tested nearby at White Sands. At the center of the movie is Oppenheimer’s evolving, conflicted feelings about ushering the world into the Atomic Age. The American government is portrayed as a fickle and mercenary overlord who throws the physicist away after he gives them unprecedented amounts of power over the world.

Screenshot from declassified U.S. Navy video of the "gimbal" UFO, taken from a fighter jet off the eastern seaboard, near the Florida coast in 2015
‘Gimbal’ UFO – Screenshot from declassified U.S. Navy video, taken from a fighter jet off the eastern seaboard, near the Florida coast in 2015

You’ve probably ALSO SEEN the news coverage of THE ALIEN HEARINGS in Congress. This is not just being covered by, either. It makes me very happy to give you a UFO newsletter with cites to legitimate, mainstream news outlets AND FUCKING CSPAN, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. These are like, quality citations to actual journalism and probably a lot of exclamation points. I’M NOT SORRY!!!!

I watched all two hours of this brain melting hearing so that you don’t have to. The testimony was riveting but I gotta tell you – something is off with Grusch, the whistleblower. I believe he believes what he is saying, but he seems a little bugged out. Some of the stuff he said was completely batshit – like “administrative terrorism” and the attacks and maybe murders?? of personnel involved with UAPs. He’s got big Mulder energy, and not in a hot way. Then again, maybe that shit would bug my eyes out too. He comes across as a smart guy, but the intensity is disturbing.

The other thing to know about Grusch is that his information is hearsay. He’s testifying to what other people told him, reported, or potentially showed him. He doesn’t have firsthand knowledge of UAPs, and he told the Committee he’s never actually seen one. He was often vague about details, citing security issues. The whole presentation came across as…a lil bit sketch.

Graves and Fravor, on the other hand, are ballers, and they support Grusch. Both of these pilots saw UAP phenomena while flying, filed reports, and received no response. Neither was threatened or persecuted, and they’ve both been very open about what they saw. Fravor is the one who took the video of the Tic Tacs. TBH, he seemed like he was having the time of life. There was a lady seated behind him who was absolutely BEAMING and that’s either his wife or a stalker. No notes on Fravor. Graves seemed super serious and mostly concerned with air safety, which we love to see.

So what did they testify to? Hooo buddy, hold on to your Roswell merch!

  • Grusch testified that there are longstanding, covert government programs to store, analyze, and reverse engineer UAPs
  • These craft were recovered from crash sites. They contain “non-human biologics” which most people take to mean ALIEN BODIES but really could be anything. I mean, a plant is a non human biological entity – this term sounds dramatic but actually pretty vague
  • The government is actively trying to cover up these programs
  • The government is misappropriating funds to pay for these programs
  • The AARO denies having evidence of extraterrestrials
  • Three types of crafts were identified: the Tic Tacs, a black cube floating in a clear sphere (!!!!!), and a football field sized red square. Military pilots have also spotted craft flying in a diamond formation.
  • The sightings cluster around military bases on the East and West Coasts of the US
  • The sightings are frequent enough that flight crews are briefed about them on the regular
  • In some instances flight radar has been jammed by UAPs in the vicinity
  • Observed UAPs are operating outside of the current limits of our technology and material science capabilities (ie., no one we know can make this shit)

BIG NEWS, IF TRUE! Of course, if you look around, no one fucking cares. For a few days after the hearings TikTok was full of videos of people asking if aliens were going to pay their rent or student loan bills. I don’t really know what to make of the flat response, but I do have some ideas about aliens, UFOs, sightings, and the rest of it.

To tie this into my slightly belated hot takes on Oppenheimer, UFO sightings have long been associated with nuclear activity. The Roswell incident was the first national news story about UFOs – a crashed ship, specifically – and that occurred in New Mexico, where the atom bomb was developed and tested. That area is home to a ton of reports about UFO activity, including another alleged crash at the Trinity test site.

There are different ways of analyzing UFO sightings – materially, psychologically, and culturally. In a material sense, UFO sightings can be debunked as meteors, weather balloons, or military test equipment. The other material interpretation is that they are actual spacecraft. Grusch seemed to believe this; he talked about biologics and recovered craft. The other two pilots skirted the issue – they saw SOMETHING, but they have no idea what it was. They’ve been very consistent on this.

Psychologically, UFO sightings may have emerged as a response to WWII, the atomic bomb, and the Cold War. All throughout that war, the West Coast was scanning the skies for Japanese bombers. The attack on Pearl Harbor came from the sky. With the onset of the Cold War, a shell shocked country was plunged into a new, different kind of war; one that could actually end civilization with nuclear weapons. After Watergate and the Vietnam War, I think distrust of the federal government was expressed through stories of UFO and alien cover ups.

Culturally, UFOs are the cryptids of the modern era. They are the supernatural phenomena that we use to process our anxieties about the age we live in. UFO stories all originate in the post-Atomic era. They came at the time when flying things began being used as weapons, the government got bigger, had more power, and Americans had access to national news. As human technology expanded rapidly, so did our fears, and I think we projected them onto unidentified flying objects. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these hearings were held as concerns about war, climate change, and AI dominate the news.

UFO theorists and investigators have speculated that the Trinity detonation, and the subsequent bombs dropped on Japan, may have alerted extraterrestrial beings to our existence. Some think that they came to check us out once they knew about the detonation. There are theories that they came to warn us, or see if we were ready to meet more advanced species and cultures now that we had unlocked the power of nuclear fission. Stories of abductees being warned about nuclear war are abundant, and as time goes on, they morph into warnings about climate change. I fully expect people to report being beamed up for a lecture on AI next.

As to why Americans threw up their hands and said “WHATEVER” when military officers testified publicly under oath that FUCKING SPACECRAFT EXIST – I don’t know. I think maybe people are so overwhelmed by the catastrophic news this summer that they just can’t. Maybe we’re beyond processing with metaphor. Maybe we’re beyond being shocked. The seas are boiling, wildfires are ravaging Canada and Hawaii, a massive heatwave has suffocated most of the planet for months, the former President of the US has been indicted four fucking times now and half the country still wants to vote for him. Earth is ghetto! Who the fuck wants to be here! Save yourself, ET!

Personally, I don’t know what to make of any of it, but I can’t get enough. Something is happening – materially, psychologically, culturally – and I’m glued to it. If you get into the weeds, there are all kinds of whack theories, from time traveling humans to inter-dimensional contact. It’s completely fascinating and if you want to have a little philosophical journey with yourself, spend some time with the links at the end. The truth is out there, bbs, and I’ll be posting through it. 🖖🏻