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Welcome to my newsletter! Did you know these are coming back into vogue? YOU DO NOW! I’ve been looking for a new way to share writing and batshit internet finds with you good people, and maybe this is it. It’s also the culmination of my inner sixteen year old grunge superstar’s dreams of writing a ZINE that would be featured in Sassy Magazine. If anyone has a connection to Jane Pratt send her my shit and my enduring gratitude.

I had hoped to get this out around Halloween but you may have heard that there was an election happening? In a previous life I worked in political communications, and I was sure as fuck not sitting this one out. Anyway now that our nervous systems have settled down, and feeling has returned to our textbanking fingers, let’s read about child abuse, horror, and the MOST AMERICAN Haunted House – The Amityville Horror! My most recent post!

Drop me a line and let me know what you think. If you have internet gems about cannibalism, cults, ghosts, true crime, mummies, etc etc etc please send them my way. I would love to give you a shout out and I know some of you are extremely fucking weird SO I EXPECT RESULTS.


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The Amityville Horror

The 2020 of Haunted Houses

The Amityville Horror is probably America’s most famous haunted house story. It hits a lot of hot topics – haunted houses, true crime, demonic possession, pop culture – and it’s worth a deep dive to see how these combined to make a moment in American culture.

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An edited photo of the Amityville Horror house photoshopped to look like the house is bleeding

Watch This

A promotional image for the film His House on Netflix

Watch His House on Netflix!

This movie is (a) scary as fuck (b) relevant and (c) gorgeously done.

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Internet Finds

A photo of Tulsa, OK

I’m interested in the idea of burial justice. Some incredible work is being done right now to locate the remains of victims of the Tulsa Massacre, and I hope this is a step toward recognition and reconciliation.

Coffins unearthed as the search for victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre continues »

A hockey mask edited to replace the standard round holes with holes shaped like viruses

Using the horror genre to cope with the pandemic and uncertainty – hey, this is US!!

How to Survive the Terror »

A dilapidated statue of a clown sits on a park bench

This is delightful and LOCAL and the clown photo will scare the shit out of you.

The Chronicle Archive is Definitely Haunted  »

A screenshot of the SNL skit The Haunted Manor

Halloween is over but I CANNOT RESIST.

Chad in a Haunted Mansion from SNL  »

An illustration by Elena Scotti that depicts many pop culture photos of the 80s (like Slimer from Ghostbusters and a Barbie doll next to a HeMan action figure) engulfed in flames

This article is bananas and you will relate.

Illustration by Elena Scotti

Thank the Satanic Panic for Beetlejuice and the Addams Family  »

A photo of a procession of ghostly figures in white robes becoming progressively more transparent

From the Order of the Good Death – how racial experience impacts our perceptions of ghosts and folklore.

Why Are Ghosts So White? »

Illustration by Cheryl Thuesday of a dark skinned woman with flaming red hair and an elaborate headdress astride a griffon in flight over a sparkling coastline

Part of my research is about California, and our history here. So MAYBE you want to know about the mythical black warrior woman that our state is named after??

Illustration by Cheryl Thuesday

California is named for a Griffin Riding Black Warrior Queens »