My dearest goblin children:


I don’t have Cemetery Part III ready because I’ve been spending all of my time completing my mandatory continuing legal education hours. If you don’t know, lawyers in California have to do 25 hours every two years. Since I made the very reasonable choice to hang up the law license and write ghost stories, I thought I’d maybe just go inactive with the Bar this time around.

AND THEN a bunch of QAnon lunatics tried to effect a coup and kill members of Congress and I felt like lol, maybe I should hang on to that license. Just in case. So I’ve been streaming classes about all kinds of actually pretty interesting legal shit all day instead of ghost or cemetery shit and here we are, my first missed deadline of 2021! I’m sure there will be plenty more.

In honor of the Inauguration (YAY!!!), I decided to do something different and write a mini-post for you guys. Nothing says celebration like corpse capers, so I wrote a little summary about the travails of Abraham Lincoln’s. That’s right, his corpse.

Did you know his body was (a) a traveling attraction (b) that had to be embalmed so many times that it became mummified (c) almost stolen and (d) moved 17 times? I’m guessing you did not so THAT’S WHY I WROTE THIS POST. Enjoy!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the flip side of this long national nightmare, at which time I will return to bitching about the government a normal amount.


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Abraham Lincoln’s Body

I love a good corpse story, and Lincoln’s earthly remains went on a whole JOURNEY. They were not finally, officially laid to rest until 1901 –  thirty six fucking years after his death. His body toured the country, then played musical graves in Springfield until the cemetery finally got its shit together and buried him for good. He was one of the most consequential presidents in the nation, but post Civil War America was a complete mess and the story of his burial is an apt metaphor for the chaos.

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An illustration from Harper's Weekly that shows Lincoln's funeral procession through Buffalo, New York

Lincoln’s funeral procession through Buffalo, New York on April 27th 1865