My dearest basement dwelling monsters:

Happy Wednesday! I am deep in writing and editing mode for my upcoming series on historic badass and current Pacific Heights ghost MARY ELLEN PLEASANT. There’s a lot to untangle about her life, especially since she kept things deliberately obscured. It’s hard to know the full story, but my series will examine her in her various incarnations as Argonaut, Freedom Fighter, Capitalist, Voodoo Queen, and GHOST. I mean, this was a life well lived – no wonder she wants to stick around.

In case you haven’t guessed from the run on sentences and overuse of adjectives, I have a hard time CUTTING MATERIAL and EDITING MY SHIT. If you want a peek into my creative process it basically involves reading every possible piece of research I can get my hands on, then vomiting it into a book report, then sighing and agonizing over which of the 8 million useless details I need to cut to keep people from dying of boredom two paragraphs in. I want to TALK ABOUT ghosts not CREATE THEM. I always start with an opinion and an outline which I ignore for ten pages and then painstakingly reassemble the text to fit back into. Is it efficient? Absolutely not. Is it good for my mental health? Clearly not. Can I change it? STILL NO!!!!

So, while I’m in a heap in the playroom/pandemic office, drinking espresso by the bucket and eating peanut butter out of a jar, please enjoy this pile of weird news clippings that I’ve been saving for you all. There’s some really good shit in here.




A small house on a lake with snow capped mountains in the background
The unsettling discoveries along the Salish Sea prompted talk of serial killers, aliens, and psychics. The truth is even more unexpected.

How science solved the mystery of feet washing ashore in the Pacific Northwest ›