My Dearest Cold Spot Dwellers:

HEY Y’ALL! I hope you had a fantastic summer. I spent the past two months traveling all around and visiting everyone I could. We missed out on so much family time during the lockdowns, I really just needed to SEE EVERYONE’S FACE.

I’m back and sitting down at my laptop, ready to face Spooky Season ™ . They’re already selling fucking Halloween candy at Walgreens so truthfully NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON. In fact, it’s probably time to get to Joanne’s and Home Goods before all the good Halloween decor is taken. For some of you this is seasonal, for me it’s A LIFESTYLE, OK?

Here’s a roundup on the best, more important news that hit this summer, aka anything that involves skeletal remains, hauntings, cemeteries, mummies, etc etc. This newsletter is back to it’s bi-monthly format, so see you in two weeks!


What I’m Watching

Eli Roth’s History of Horror »

A multi season exploration of horror genres in film and TV – it’s so great! I finally broke down and subscribed to Shudder, which should really be a fucking business expense at this point. It’s only $6 a month! Get it! Halloween is coming!!

A promotional image for Eli Roth's "History of Horror"
The book cover for Ghostland: an American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey

What I’m Reading

Ghostland by Colin Dickey»

I’m actually reading this for the second time??? And it inspired me to pick up Hawthorne’s House of Seven Gables which I probably skimmed when I was an English major and got a B- on. If only someone had told me that I could make a living out of this shit if I paid more attention in class.

Dickey’s analysis of American ghost stories is spot on, inspiring, and really fun to read. It’s intellectual without being a debunking killjoy. If you like my writing, you will love his.

Everything Else