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It’s TOTALLY FREE until I become a Ghost Magnate, in which case it will still be FREE. When EMF detector companies want to sponsor me I plan to pass that love along, ok? 

Once upon a time I worked in Customer Service (we called it Customer CARE, which is 180 degrees opposite of how we ACTUALLY felt about the bottomless pits of need that blew up our call center) so here is an FAQ:

How often are you sending this out?
  • Once my browser tabs hit an unsupportable number and Chrome is about the crash and I need to dump these links on someone? (That someone is you in this scenario)
  • Every time I write a post? NO, lol. THOSE POSTS TAKE FOREVER.
  • Twice a month like the experts recommend? Seems reasonable!
Why can’t you just be on social media like everyone else?
  • LISTEN BRAD first of all I AM on Instagram, but Facebook is a seething pile of poisonous Ukranian snakes and I’m sincerely very, very tired of the manufactured drama there. If I want to hear about how 5G causes COVID I’ll just go ahead and check myself into a long term care center and talk to the orderlies about it. I write about the darkest possible shit and Facebook is too much for even me.
  • Ditto on Twitter
Ugh newsletters are so trendy and I already get too much email!

K bye then

I thought this was a SAN FRANCISCO site? Why am I reading about a haunted house in New York?

Because perhaps you have never met me but I AM EASILY DISTRACTED and I’m not going to get my doctorate in American Ghost Culture by writing about just one town. Trust me, I have so much San Francisco content queued up, but sometimes a bitch wants to expand her horizons into OTHER HAUNTINGS. I promise I will try to keep on task and you *WILL* LEARN SOME HISTORY. It just might SOMETIMES be about haunted asylums in Detroit instead of dead Senators in San Francisco, ok?

Are you always going to comment on politics? WHY CAN’T U STICK TO GHOSTS

HAHHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA you have never met me in real life. If you don’t want snide political commentary with your ghost stories you’re in the wrong place, hunny.

Should I send you stuff?

ABSOLUTELY YES. Send me everything! Send me your ghost stories! Send me links to YouTube videos about Corpse Wax! Send me true crime podcasts you love! Send me photos of your pets in costumes! I love and want it all. Ideally we are building a community here, and I would love to feature and credit your finds and works. You can reach me any time at court@hereliesastory.com. I’m also on Instagram @here_lies_a_story and my DMs are ooooopen. If there’s a subject or content you want to see covered, let me know!